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WeCARE Home Assistants

WeCare Home Assistants is here to help not only the patient but also the family member who’s caring for the patient with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal care, housekeeping, medication reminding, bathing, transfers, incontinence care, hygiene maintenance, safety management and shopping. WeCare Home Assistants help older adults, recovering patients, and chronically ill patients remain independent and safe.


In-Home Healthcare Services

WeCare Home Assistants provides services to those who are elderly, frail, housebound, terminally, chronically, or acutely ill, recently discharged from the hospital and respite care for family caregivers.

In-Home Assessment

If you haven’t done so already, take advantage of our free Needs Assessment. Everything from medication reminding to pet care is listed on our forms. But it’s not just filling in forms, it’s a thorough question and answer session about your needs for making life more comfortable, safer, easier and enjoyable.

Armed with this information, caregivers are briefed and counseled on the most practical method of meeting those needs. We have also found that the survey is the best tool to bring them “up to speed” in dealing with each new and unique client.


Whether it’s playing board games, light conversation or just watching TV together, our Caregivers are asked to be sensitive to the Clients’ companionship needs. Not too much, not too little, but just being there can bring new joy and peace into someone’s life.

We also suggest that if there’s a way to work an animal into a Client’s life, by all means consider it. The joy a pet can bring can make a big difference, too!

Personal Care

Grooming is sometimes difficult for elderly or infirm Clients, and we know how important this is in a Caregiver’s job. Taking care of scheduled dressing, bathing, shaving, dental hygiene, nail and hair needs can make the difference between a life of drudgery and depression, and one of peace and delight.

Attention to this aspect of care is an important part of the WeCare Home Assistants Client Assessment Survey and we constantly strive for open communication with both Caregivers and Clients to make sure that all parties are satisfied.


WeCare Home Assistants employees can help improve anyone’s surroundings. Light housekeeping involves the day-to-day maintaining of the home in its current condition, such as washing dishes, dusting, laundry, and keeping the kitchen and bathrooms clean. Except for personal meal- and rest-times, and when a client doesn’t require immediate attention, full-time caregivers are able to spend time keeping a home tidy and sanitary.

Working with a nutritionist and meal preparation can also be part of a caregiver’s duties. At no extra charge, we can generate a suggested menu for each client, based on input from the client’s doctor, a nutritionist and, of course, the client them self.

Errand & Transportation

There are many reasons to rely on the services of others and WeCare can provide can in many ways, including performing errands and transportation.

Caregivers possess current California Drivers Licenses and clean driving records to assure the safety of our Clients. If the Caregiver’s vehicle is used, it is covered with full $100,000/300,000 liability insurance.

Whether you come along or not, here’s a short list of where a driver can come in handy:

Household Needs and Grocery Shopping
Doctor/Dentist Appointments
Medical Supplies and Prescriptions
Salon Appointments
Banking Business
Social Engagements
Place of Worship



We place our trust in our caregivers and you should, too. Each one has undergone a battery of screenings and interviews to make sure they are the cream of the crop. Background checks include clear DMV and criminal records, past employment and personal references verification.

We treat them well, paying competitive wages and enlisting a payroll service to make sure they’re paid on time and appropriate taxes are withheld. In addition, employees are bonded against theft and covered by workers compensation insurance so YOU won’t have to worry about a financial mishap.


Free Home Safety Check

This community service is available to any senior homeowner or tenant in the WeCare Home Assistants service areas by calling the WeCare Home Assistants office at (925) 280-2800.

WeCare Home Assistants provides a free Home Safety Check to seniors in the WeCare Home Assistants service area of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. This community service is a comprehensive checklist covering more than 50 areas of safety concern that will leave the homeowner or tenant with a list of recommended fixes or repairs to create a safer living environment.

There are many ways to improve the safety in the home, with the number one concern for seniors being ways to prevent falls. According to Centers for Disease Control, falls are the number one cause of in-home accidents, with people aged 80 and older experiencing rates 20 times greater than their younger counterparts. Falls also account for significantly more visits to emergency departments than any other type of injury in the 65 or older age group.

Part of the problem is seniors not noticing, or overlooking, certain areas of maintenance in their home. This can be because of lack of consumer education, not knowing who to call or how much a repair will cost, or simply not noticing that something has deteriorated over time. For instance, older carpet may gradually become looser, creating a trip hazard. Or someone uses a broken nightstand to help them out of bed. Or they use a weakening towel rod, instead of a grab bar, to assist them off the toilet. Or they continue to use a broken cane or walker. The list of possible safety hazards is long.

The Home Safety Check also covers areas, room-by-room, that might cause burns, fires or poisoning. Escape routes are checked (each room should have two), hot water temperature verified at 120 degrees and electrical cords examined. In all, between 100 and 200 items are noted with most of the fixes being simple and inexpensive.

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