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The WeCare Difference

When looking for an agency that will care for you or a loved one, take the time to check out the others. Ask questions, seek answers, meet the caregivers, and demand the best. We’ve often heard from our clients how different we are from other agencies and we’re proud of that because our main mission is to provide the best possible service to our clients, and in doing so, “raise the bar” of caregiving services in our local area. Elder caregiving is a growing industry and the higher the standards, the better for everyone.

We are constantly asking clients how things are going, how the service can improve, and we listen. Recently, when asked why a client chose WeCare over another well-known agency, she said, “The other place was more interested in telling us about their company than asking what we need. You people listen.” We take however long it takes to get the most complete picture of what a client, and their family, wants and needs.

We Don’t “Drop and Leave”
A number of agencies ask caregivers to show up at new assignments without a proper introduction. Caregiving isn’t the same as maid services where a plug-and-play approach might work, but chemistry between caregivers and clients is paramount and we realize that. And sometimes we may think a certain combination will work, only to find that the chemistry isn’t there. In that case, we gladly switch caregivers.

Good Fortune
We have a range of nationalities working for us and that diversity has taught us how different cultures care for their elders. A number of those cultures have an enormous amount of care and respect and responsibility, and those are the type of caregivers we look for. We get four to five employment inquiries A DAY, but only a few a month are selected. Some are interested in the healthcare field but are more appropriate in a facility environment. Some have the desire but not the experience. Some can’t handle certain aspects of aging. We want employees that are genuinely concerned, compassionate, friendly, sensitive to others’ needs, smart, and can get through the more unpleasant times with a smile.

We take the continuing education of our caregivers seriously. A number of them are Certified Nursing Assistants already, and we provide more training to challenge them further. A 32-page Caregiver Training Manual when they start, paycheck communiques about recent issues, CPR and First Aid classes, all helping our caregivers to be the best in their field.

There are a number of factors that go into determining the price for caregiving services and every agency has their own set of parameters. We can only tell you about ours and that is to give our caregivers a competitive wage and benefit package, cover our operating costs, and have enough left over to assure we’ll be here in the future. In our area, our rates are on the low side, figuring that LOW PRICE + GREAT SERVICE = VALUE. That’s how we like to be treated and we want to pass those ethics on through our business.

Our personalized service speaks for itself, just ask for a list of references and let others confirm this. They’ll tell you of the hospital visits from staff and caregivers, the contact with family members, the 24/7 hotline phone answered by a care manager, not an answering service; the list goes on. We are delighted to know our clients on a personal level and train our caregivers to carry out the slogan, “Caring for your family as we would our own.”