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Volunteering with ACE Home Health & Hospice

At ACE Home Health & Hospice, Our volunteers provide invaluable support to our patients, their families, and to our entire hospice program.

Whether they’re in the office supporting our team behind the scenes, or visiting with patients and families, our Volunteers are making a life-changing impact.

Volunteers do not need to have any experience or credentials to work in hospice care. We provide them with training on-going support and guidance so they’re fully prepared for the volunteer role they’re best matched for. Volunteering with ACE Home Health & Hospice gives you the chance to do something bigger than yourself. There’s a place for everyone to have an enriching and fulfilling Volunteer experience at ACE Home Health & Hospice.

Volunteer Opportunities

Patient & Family Services

These volunteers are in the homes spending time with our patients and their families. Because many of our patients are older, and sometimes lonely, our volunteers are really just a companion—keeping them company, having a conversation, maybe even working on a simple project. The volunteer visit may the one time in the week the family/caregiver(s) can have respite from the duty of attending to their loved one. Our patient volunteers should be good listeners, and have the ability to deal with death and dying.

Our volunteer coordinator puts a lot of care and thought into pairing volunteers and patients. We take the volunteer’s personality and comfort level into account when selecting the patient(s) for them to work with, because it’s vitally important for them to have a genuine connection.

Community Services

Our community service volunteers represent ACE Home Health & Hospice out in the community. They’re required to have a strong understanding of Ace’s hospice and care philosophy. Community volunteers accompany our team at marketing and community events, and speaking engagements on occasion.

Office Services

Office service volunteers provide clerical support to the Ace hospice program. This may include answering phones and emails, preparing handouts and admissions packets, and writing newsletters and thank you notes. These volunteers should be organized and able to work under minimal supervision.

Grief Support Services

The main responsibility of a grief support service volunteer is to provide support to families during the bereavement process. They offer companionship and assistance to families, and should have the ability to deal with death and dying.

Hospice Volunteer FAQs

What does it take to be an ACE Home Health & Hospice volunteer?

Really, all we require is that our volunteers have a great attitude and are willing to participate in our application, interview, and training steps. Our volunteers don’t need to have any certifications or degrees, but they do have to be 18 years of age or older.

What is the process involved in becoming an ACE Hospice volunteer?

It’s painless and fairly simple. You can complete an online application; we will get back to you within 1-2 business days and will schedule a telephone interview, followed by an in-person interview usually at our office, and very often in conjunction with orientation/training & onboarding paperwork. Most new volunteers from initial contact with ACE Hospice are 3-4 weeks from being a cherished volunteer with us!

Do I have to be there when the patient dies?

No, our volunteers are never required to be with a patient when they die, however depending on the situation if a volunteer and patient/family and case manager agree it is okay then there is the possibility.(Again, this would only be if the volunteer feels comfortable with this.)

How many hours are required of me?

We do not require a set amount of hours from our volunteers; they can volunteer as many hours as they want per week. Typically they have one or two patients they see once a week. Our volunteers are amazing people with busy lives, so we make it a point to work with the schedule and availability they are able to give.

If I’m working directly with the patients, how many hours do I need to stay for each visit?

We like to keep it consistent with our volunteers. We ask that our volunteers dedicate at least 1 or 2 hours per week (if possible) to visit with the patients.

I’ve never been around anyone who’s died before, can I still volunteer with hospice care?

Absolutely! The majority of our volunteers haven’t dealt with dying before. We go over the proper behavior and protocol, so that you have the knowledge and confidence in those situations.

What kind of training will I receive?

Our volunteers go through extensive training before they begin working with patients or in another role. The training program is completed either individually or as a group and covers everything you need to know, including what hospice actually is, the history of hospice, how it started, inspection and safety control, death and dying, what to do and say, what not to do and say, and even how hospice works on the billing and insurance side of things. On top of that, our volunteer coordinator is always available to answer any questions you encounter while on the job.

Do volunteers find the work depressing?

Actually it is usually quite the opposite. The gift of time is even more precious when you engage with someone who has limited time left. At the most, it can be a bit heavy. Our volunteers typically develop a deep, meaningful relationship with the patients they work with, so it’s expected that they feel a period of sadness when that patient dies. However, we’ve found that the joy of knowing the volunteers had a positive impact on that patient’s final days outweighs any sadness they feel.

Become an ACE Home Health & Hospice Volunteer

The last good thing that may happen in a person’s life is a Hospice Volunteer.

If you feel called to Volunteer or would like more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ellen Creighton,  with any questions at (925) 317-3400 ext.1001. or email us at ecreighton@hhhcs.com for more information.

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